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Acacia Medical Clinic provides personalized healthcare services, health screening, vaccination and corporate healthcare to both residents and non-residents at The Interlace Condo in Singapore. Additional personalized services include lasting power of attorney (LPA) and housecalls Eldershield and IDAPE for disability assistance scheme. Eldershield and Interim Disability Assistance Program for the Elderly (IDAPE) assessments are performed by accredited Eldershield / IDAPE Assessors. At Acacia Medical Clinic, Dr Benjamin Tan is an accredited Eldershield assessor and can be located in this list under both categories of Eldershield / IDAPE Assessor and Housecall Eldershield / IDAPE Assessor. Dr Benjamin Tan is 1 of the 8 accredited Eldershield / IDAPE Assessor that does Housecall in Singapore. He frequently performs IDAPE / Eldershield assessment and charges reasonably for both clinic visit assessment as well assessment done as per the patient's convenience at its residence. For more information visit now


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Willkommen und viel Spaß bei 7List...

Willkommen und viel Spaß bei 7List...

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