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A few tips on how to maintain your vacuum cleaner

Want to know how to maintain your vacuum cleaner? Read here to keep your vacuum in good shape for an extended time.

From the Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners Brands to a conventional one, all of them need maintenance so that they can be used for a long time. Vacuum cleaner types vary, from large machines like an upright model to a small handheld vacuum cleaner, and each of them needs to be maintained differently. However, some steps of the maintenance process are similar. Here are a few tips that are commonly used to keep a vacuum cleaner in good shape.

Empty the bin/bag regularly

Every vacuum cleaner has this; either they are a standard or bagless design. Usually, we don’t think to change the bag or empty the bin until it is full of dust and dirt. However, that is not the best idea. For the vacuum to stay in top condition, we should empty the bag or bin when it is about 2/3 full. The vacuum needs empty space in the bag for operating at full power.

Most models have a signal on them indicating the vacuum is full. But if you wish to know sooner, when it is close to full, there are a few signs that are easy to notice. One is that instead of picking up debris easily, it comes back out of the vacuum or requires you to run the vacuum over the same area a few times. Another signal is that the suction force of the vacuum is weaker than usual.

Some vacuum cleaners have a bagless design. These have bins that are usually made of sturdy plastic material and you can typically see through it. This makes it much easier to check the amount of debris that has gathered in the bin.

Check if the bag is installed properly

There is a wide variety of vacuum models available on the market and each of them has a different way to attach a bag or bin into the device. This procedure should come naturally to you.

However, sometimes, you will make a small mistake in installing them, especially in the beginning, and as a result, a leak will appear between the bag and the device. This will lead to some of the debris making its way into the machine and wreaking havoc without you knowing. Should it happen for a long time, your vacuum might break down completely and you will need to buy a replacement.

Moreover, you need the correct size and style bag or bin for your vacuum cleaner model. If your vacuum model is not a bagless design, you might need to stock up on large quantities of the vacuum bags. As you all know, technology keeps evolving every day and your model will eventually get outdated which makes your current vacuum bag out of stock and not available on the market anymore.

Remove any debris that is stuck on the Brush Roll

Besides emptying the bag, you need to check the brush roll regularly, especially families with pets. Unless you clean the roll properly, it will get tangled up with human and pet hair, string-like debris, etc. and it will make the roll move slowly and not as efficiently as before.

There are two ways of doing the job; either clean it in place or disassemble the brush roll and clean. The latter method is recommended because you can check the roll's bearing and caps if they need replacement. However, only do this if you know how to put it back on correctly.

Next, you either use your fingers or scissors to remove the debris that is wrapped around the roll. This can be difficult as you have to be careful not to cut through the brush by mistake.

You should further clean the brush roll with soap and water. This way, you can make sure the roll is in a pristine state and it will help the vacuum to operate smoothly on the next house-cleaning task. However, this is optional if you are too busy or don’t want to bother with the extra step.

Checking the belt

The belt is the next place you want to check as it is an essential part that operates the brush roll. If it is old or broken, you will notice that the brush roll will not turn or will run slow as a snail. This will lower your cleaning work efficiency.

How often should you replace it? It should be replaced every six months to one year as a general rule. It also depends on how often you use your vacuum. If you use it sparingly, about every one or two weeks, then you need to change the belt annually. However, if you clean your house on a daily basis, then you might consider replacing the belt every few months.

Checking the filter and hose

In most of the latest vacuum cleaner models, there will be a filter installed inside. The filter plays a crucial part in separating particles that may make the air in your room dirty. If your model has one, you might consider cleaning or replace it often.

If your vacuum model has a HEPA filter, it is even more important to clean it regularly as it helps to improve the air in your house. Thanks to the filter, you will have a healthy lifestyle and unlikely be prone to sickness.

The hose is also a significant place to check. Occasionally, you will mistakenly suck up large debris that will block the airflow. This may cause damage to your vacuum cleaner as it will overheat if you keep using it with a blockage. You can either detach the hose or use a long stick to remove the debris; it is usually a sock, cloth, or small toys.

Use the correct tool for the right purpose

Each type of vacuum cleaner has a specific purpose for cleaning the house. You cannot expect to use an upright vac to clean debris on your dining table or a handheld model to clean the whole house.

It is even more true to those who own multiple vacuum cleaners. It doesn't matter if your tool is the best vacuum cleaner in 2019 or an old conventional one. You need to use it in the correct places and circumstances.

Go to a maintenance shop

If you already do everything mentioned above but your vacuum is still not working right, the last thing is to bring the gadget to a specialist. They can make a quick fix of your vacuum cleaner with a low price, including replacing parts.

However, you have to consider your model, whether it is outdated or not. There are many high-end vacuum cleaners with a ton of features and great design that you can purchase if your current model is too old. Fixing it will just cost more money that you could use on a Best Vacuum Cleaners Reviews.


If you can do all of the things mentioned above, you will find that your vacuum cleaner will work in tip-top shape and stay that way for a long time. It does not matter which vacuum model you are using, either the best-rated one or a standard model with no special features.

It won't take too much of your time and effort, just a bit of consideration for your tools. Replacing a whole new vacuum can cost an arm and a leg and it can save a lot of your money if you can keep it in good shape.


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